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Judicial Administrative Records

Requesting Administrative Records

Requests for copies or to inspect a judicial administrative record pursuant to Rule 10.500 of the California Rules of Court may be directed to:

Margaret L. Smith, Court Executive Officer
Superior Court of California
County of Calaveras
400 Government Center Drive
San Andreas, CA 95249

Tips for submitting a judicial administrative records request.

  • Include the title of the documents, if known, or the nature of the information you are seeking.
  • Include the date range where applicable.
  • Indicate whether the records sought will or will not be used for a commercial use.
  • Include your contact information so the court may contact you when the records have been located or for further information to assist the court in responding to your request.

In accordance with CRC Rule 10.500, the court will notify you when the records will be made available and provide the estimated costs of duplicating the record, where applicable.


The court will charge fees in accordance with the Fee Guidelines established by the Judicial Council of California as follows:

Paper Duplication of Any Record On 8½-by-11-inch, including transfer of a record in electronic format to paper if required for the response: Please review the Current Fee Schedule.

Production of a record in electronic format or paper duplication of any record on paper sizes other than as described above: Actual Direct Costs

Requests for commercial use in addition to the fees indicated above: Actual Costs of Staff Search and Review Time

Records Request Policy

View Records Request Policy

To send in a request for records search electronically you must use the Records Search Request form referred to in the policy, the form can be email to

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