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Public Notice: Calaveras County Superior Court to Offer Online Ability To Pay Tool For Infractions. For eligibility information, click here.
Request a fine reduction for your eligible infraction offense using the new MyCitations tool.

Other Important Information

Domestic Violence

If there has been a history of domestic violence or if there is a restraining order in place, the parties are entitled to separate mediation sessions and customers are advised to inform the front counter staff of the restraining orders prior to the setting of the mediation appointments. This will allow court staff the ability to set separate appointments and maintain confidential addresses.

Reports to Child Protective Services

Family Law Mediators/Evaluators are "mandated reporters". This means they are legally obligated to report to Child Protective Services (CPS) any situation that may pose an imminent danger or risk to the child(ren). Parties will be informed when referrals are made to CPS for risk assessment.

Complaints about Mediation or Evaluation services

The Court is committed to the delivery of quality mediation and evaluation services. If you should have a complaint regarding services received, you may register your complaint in writing to the Court Executive Officer of the Calaveras Superior Court, 400 Government Center Drive, San Andreas, CA 95249

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