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Public Notice: Calaveras County Superior Court to Offer Online Ability To Pay Tool For Infractions. For eligibility information, click here.
Request a fine reduction for your eligible infraction offense using the new MyCitations tool.

Employment Benefits

Represented Employees

Vacation Leave:

Regular full-time represented employees accrue vacation at the following rate:

0-3 years of service 10 days
3-10 years of service 15 days
10+ years of service 20 days
Sick Leave:

Regular full-time represented employees accumulate twelve (12) sick leave days per year.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Regular full-time unrepresented employees accrue paid time off at the following rate:

0-3 years of service 22 days
3-10 years of service 27 days
10+ years of service 32 days

Regular full-time employees receive 13 paid holidays per year; and 2 floating paid holidays pro-rated based on hire date per year.


Membership in the California Public Employee Retirement System (CalPERS). Specific benefit determined per CalPERS regulations.

Health Benefits

The Court offers medical, dental and vision insurance coverage to employees and their dependents. There are four medical plans, one dental plan and one vision plan available. The Court makes a substantial contribution toward the insurance premiums.

Employee Assistance Program

Employees may use this program for up to six visits per incident per year at no cost to the employee. The services provided are completely confidential.

Other Benefits
  • Life Insurance, Long Term Disability and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (basic coverage for employee only paid by court)
  • 457 compensation plan (employee paid/optional)
  • Flexible Spending Plan (qualifying medical and dependent care expenses; employee paid/optional)
  • Voluntary life insurance for self and dependents (employee paid/optional)
  • Cancer policy (employee paid/optional)
  • Accident Insurance (employee paid/optional)

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