Jury Duty / Jury Service

If you are called for jury duty, you will have many questions – from where you should report to what will happen during a trial if you are chosen to serve. The information provided below will hopefully answer most of your questions and explain some of the court processes.

If you are unable to find the information you need here, please use our Jury Information E-Mail Form or call us at (209) 754-6280. Have your juror badge number and personal identification number (PIN) available. These numbers can be located on your jury summons.

Jury Reporting Instructions





        Group Numbers: 6725 thru and including 6739 are EXCUSED from jury service. At this time, your service is complete.

You will receive a new summons if you are needed again in the future.




Thank you for contributing to our system of justice.



To access individual juror reporting information please call (209) 754-6280