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Common Local Court Forms & Packets

This page contains Forms required by the Calaveras Superior Court. Though these forms are based on standard Judicial Council forms they may have been customized for use by the Calaveras Superior Court, and may not be acceptable in other jurisdictions.

Calaveras Superior Court is now offering Fillable forms

Ability to Pay

At Issue Memo

Application for Immediate Hearing

Application for Modification of Sentence (infraction) or Vacate Civil Assessment

Application for Order on Payment of Fees/Costs

Application for Return of Exhibits-Criminal

Domestic Violence Plea Form with Waiver of Rights

Ex Parte Request For Extension To Serve Form CM-020

Family Law Case Management Statement

Juvenile Certificate of Competence 

Notice of Motion and Motion to Continue Court Trial (Infraction)

Prop. 47 - Petition for Resentencing Pursuant PC 1170.18

Prop. 47 - Information and Instructions

Prop 64 - Criminal Petition / Application

Prop 64 - Criminal Order on Petition / Application

Prop 64 - Juvenile Petition / Order

Prop 64 - Juvenile Order on Petition / Application

Request for Electronic Recording

Request for Telephonic Appearance (IV-D Child Support)

Request to Set Default or Uncontested Matter for Hearing

Stipulation and Order Referring Matter to Alternative Dispute Resolution

TR-300 Agreement to Pay & Forfeit Bail in Installments

TR-310 Agreement to Pay TVS fees in Installments

TR-320 Can't Afford to Pay Application

TR-321 Can't Afford to Pay Order

Judicial Council Forms

Packets are available. However, packets may not include all of the forms needed for your action. Packets are available at the filing clerk's window for $5.00. Please review the packet carefully. If any further Judicial Council forms are needed, please go to