Superior Court of California

County of Calaveras





Under general supervision, performs a variety of support services for the Calaveras Superior Court, including clerical duties, records retention/retrieval; driving a court vehicle to pick up and deliver records, records maintenance and destruction operations.  Assignments are set within procedural frameworks established by higher-level positions.  Person/persons in this position are required to exercise some judgment in selecting appropriate established guidelines to follow.  Significant deviations from established guidelines require prior approval from the supervisor.




Records Retention Clerk I


This is an entry/working level position requiring an entry-level knowledge of court divisions and various types of court records and documents; and performance of manual and clerical duties.  Incumbents are expected to use powered and non-powered equipment and perform transport work as well as the receipt, storage, inventory, and retrieval of court files and supplies as required.  The incumbents may be expected to instruct other workers in records retention work.  The Records Retention Clerk class differs from the Court Clerk series in that incumbents in the Court Clerk positions perform a more complex variety of processing and courtroom related activities, whereas this class is responsible for understanding and independently implementing policies and procedures related to records maintenance, retention and destruction for all areas of the court. 


Records Retention Clerk II


This is the journey-level position of the series.  This position is distinguished from the Records Retention Clerk I classification in that incumbents are expected to provide day-to-day direction of the operation of the Superior Court records unit.  Under limited supervision, incumbents in this position exercise a significant amount of judgment in the selection of methods, equipment, and process for maintaining a records retention, storage and destruction system.


Records Retention Clerk III


This is the highest advanced journey-level “lead worker” position in the Retention Clerk series.  In addition to the Retention Clerk II duties, incumbents under limited supervision, perform the more complex and technical records retention duties and have responsibility for leading, assigning and directing the work of other Records Retention Clerks; provide input on performance appraisals; and provide input and recommendations for unit policies and procedures.




This class receives direct supervision from the Court Unit Manager.




Records Retention Clerk I


  1. Employee must have proficient knowledge of:
  1. Court filing system.
  2. Legal terminology.
  3. Establishment and maintenance of filing and information retrieval systems.
  4. Personal computers and standard software applications related to court support work.
  5. Basic filing and financial record keeping systems.
  6. Basic accounting practices.
  7. Office procedures and practices.
  8. Safe driving practices and techniques.
  9. Safe work practices including proper techniques for lifting and carrying heavy objects.
  10. State laws related to the operation of state and court owned vehicles.
  1. Employee must have the ability to:
  1. Perform routine clerical work.
  2. Read and write English at a level required for successful job performance.
  3. Understand and carry out oral and written instructions and delivery schedules.
  4. Maintain records, logs, schedules, and prepare clear, concise and accurate reports.
  5. Gather, organize and present a variety of data and information.
  6. Work independently and follow instructions.
  7. Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others, including judicial officers, attorneys, supervisors, co-workers, other agencies, law enforcement agencies and the public.
  8. Operate vehicles and related warehouse equipment such as hand trucks to handle material/equipment.


Records Retention Clerk II/III


In addition to the knowledge and abilities of the Records Retention Clerk I, the Records Retention Clerk II/III requires:

  1. Employee must have proficient knowledge of:
  1. Case specific court guidelines for the destruction of records.
  2. Technology related to the conversion of paper records into electronic formats and systems for maintenance of electronic records.
  3. Applicable rules of court and statutes.
  1. Employee must have the ability to:
  1. Prepare orders and notices for dismissals for records destruction.
  2. Perform complex clerical work.
  3. Research, interpret and apply legal procedures governing records information.
  4. Analyze and prepare statistical information.
  5. Prepare written reports.    
  1. Employee must have and maintain the following certifications / licenses:
  1. A California driver’s license requirement will be reviewed on a position basis in accordance with ADA regulations.


  1. Employee must not contribute to or create a hostile work environment:
  1. Employee shall not engage in any activity that unreasonably interferes with the performance of any other employee, such as sexual harassment, unlawful discrimination or any other behavior that unduly demeans or intimidates another employee.
  2. As an essential function of this position, the employee must be able to handle high levels of stress satisfactorily and be congenial with other employees, judicial officers, supervisors, subordinates, outside contractors, and other agency personnel.


  1. Employee must have the following minimum experience or training:


Records Retention Clerk I


Graduation from High School and one year of responsible warehousing experience that included clerical record keeping or any combination of training and/or experience that could likely provide the desired knowledge and abilities.  Employees of this class must be willing to work in a warehouse environment.


Records Retention Clerk II


Graduation from High School and two years of experience as a Records Retention Clerk I or similar classification from another court.



Three years of experience performing warehousing and record retention duties.


Records Retention Clerk III


Graduation from High School and two years of experience as a Records Retention Clerk II or similar classification from another court.




 Four years of experience performing warehousing and record retention duties.


  1. Employee must fulfill the following special requirements:
  1. Sit for extended periods of time; frequently stand and walk or otherwise move within the court; normal manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination; corrected vision to normal range; verbal communication; use of office equipment, including computers, telephones, calculators copiers and FAX machines;
  2. Tolerate exposure to defendant’s and other members of the public who may potentially be verbally or physically abusive; allergens, such as perfumes and dust; unpleasant odors, such as unwashed clothing and people.
  3. Ability to work in a wide range of temperatures at the storage building.




  1. Ability to get in and out of vehicles
  2. Ability to sit for periods of time while operating vehicles
  3. Ability to stoop, kneel, squat, and crouch to pick up or move objects, office equipment and records.
  4. Ability to climb twist, and turn on ladders.
  5. Ability to work around moving objects and vehicles.
  6. Ability to perform heavy physical labor for sustained periods of time.
  7. Physical ability to lift and carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds without assistance.
  8. Ability to use of a variety of hand and power tools.




Depending on assignment, duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Maintain court records, including records retrieval, storage, filing, filing systems and preparation of records for retention or destruction pursuant to court and statutory guidelines.
  • Examine files for completeness; enters dates of judgment or dismissal and maintain a record for destruction.
  • Operate microfilm or other imaging equipment.
  • Load and unload a court vehicle ensuring that items are secured.
  • Drive a court vehicle and use a hand truck to pick up and deliver court records and supplies from an off-site storage location.  May require loading, unloading, pick up/delivery of materials/items.
  • Retrieve records/boxes using requests from various court departments, checking to determine if documents are at the off-site storage location.
  • Work with others in coordinating records retrieval requests for off-site records.
  • Assemble records/boxes.
  • Print various court forms and notices and prepare for mailing.
  • May perform light maintenance.
  • May assemble shelving and furniture.
  • Review files and prepare, maintain and follow court orders.
  • Organize, check, label, and arrange records for proper destruction.
  • Operate a computer and scanner to perform data entry into court databases and imaging systems; and operate other office equipment.
  • Serve as a member of the records destruction team.
  • Assist in training on destruction methods, policies and procedures.
  • Makes recommendations for system improvements related to the storage, retrieval, imaging, and retention of court records.
  • Perform a variety of office and court support work: prepare letters, correspondence, forms and other documents; maintain copies of documents;, maintain and update files and databases; generate computer reports; perform word processing.
  • Prepare various periodic reports.
  • May perform the duties of a Court Clerk.
  • May train other Court Clerks in various court procedures.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.




In addition to the duties of a Records Retention Clerk I, duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Plans, directs and coordinates records management activities and other work of the unit; evaluates file space storage needs in all departments.
  • Train subordinate staff and provide input on progress to department supervisor.
  • Manages file organization, accessibility, security, and space utilization issues; administers a disposition and destruction schedule of records and assists user department in establishing record retention and destruction schedules; develops and implements techniques to safeguard and control storage and destruction of court records and documents.
  • Develops and supervises quality control standards to ensure safety of archived records.
  • Interprets new legislation and its impact on the court’s record system; implements new and revised record management procedures.
  • Prepares statistical reports regarding records management for executive management information.




In addition to the duties of a Records Retention Clerk I and II, duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assigns, directs and monitors the work of others in a lead capacity on a daily or project basis, trains staff, acts as an information source, informally counsels employees regarding work issues, provides input to managers for employee performance coaching.
  • Trains staff in various duties including performing research, certification and filing of court documents, performs the more difficult records retention work.
  • Prepares and maintains monthly statistical reports consistent with established court records retention information.
  • Assists the managers with the maintenance of the file folder inventory.
  • Provides on-site supervision for the packaging and removal of records from the Court
  • Makes recommendations for system improvements related to the storage, retrieval, imaging,, retention of court records and other work of the unit.
  • Provides training on destruction methods, policies and procedures to other court personnel.