May. 22, 2015

Superior Court of California

County of Calaveras





This technical level position reviews and records accounting and financial data within established systems and procedures and provides other administrative support duties. 




Fiscal Services Technician I - Incumbents work under general supervision and perform technical level accounting functions and may at times provide administrative support.  This class is distinguished from the Legal Processing Clerk series in that the Fiscal Services Technician primarily performs financial record keeping duties.  This class is distinguished from the higher level Fiscal Manager in that the latter is a management level position that is responsible for the oversight of all fiscal programs, develops and implements policies and procedures within generally accepted accounting principles.


Fiscal Services Technician II - The Fiscal Services Technician II is the journey/lead worker level of the Fiscal Services Technician series.  In addition to the Fiscal Services Technician I duties incumbents under limited supervision perform difficult, complex and specialized accounting and statistical recordkeeping work.  Incumbents working under limited supervision are required to perform duties with minimal direction; are responsible for one of more program areas and must be able to work independently.




This class receives direct supervision from the Court Fiscal Manager.




  1. Employee must have proficient knowledge of:
  1. Basic knowledge of bookkeeping procedures and approved standards for accounting practices and procedures.
  2. Modern office practices, procedures and equipment.
  3. Microsoft Word, Excel and financial recordkeeping software.
  4. Policies, procedures, documents and terminology affecting assigned functions.
  5. Principals and practices of bookkeeping.
  6. Methods of compiling, computing and presenting basic statistical information.
  7. Methods of locating and verifying information.
  8. Principals and techniques of effective oral and written communications.
  9. Basic public relations techniques.


2. Employee must have the ability to:

  1. Accurately and efficiently prepare and maintain basic budgetary, fiscal, payroll and cost accounting records and reports.
  2. Accurately and efficiently perform data entry in manual and electronic systems.
  3. Recognize and correct transposition errors.
  4. Compile and review financial and statistical data.
  5. Prepare clear and comprehensive reports.
  6. Make accurate mathematical calculations necessary to carry out assigned functions.
  7. Perform routine clerical tasks.
  8. Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.
  9. Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others, including judicial officers, attorneys, supervisors, coworkers, other agencies and the public.
  10. Use a personal computer and software, including word processing, spreadsheet, database, financial and other job-related applications and systems.
  11. Follow oral and written directions and use good judgment in recognizing the scope and limit of delegated authority.
  12. Communicate orally and in writing on accounting issues with individuals with varying degrees of accounting familiarity.
  13. Sit for extended periods; frequently stand and walk, or otherwise move within the court facilities; demonstrate normal manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination; maintain corrected hearing and vision to normal range; utilize telephones, calculators, copiers, and fax; perform multiple tasks simultaneously under time constraints.
  14. Maintain strict confidentiality of court management files and information as may be obtained or encountered in the performance of ones duties.
  15. Organize work and setting priorities to meet deadlines and working within prescribed time constraints.
  16. Evaluate and establish clerical procedures.
  17. Read, understand and apply written regulations and other job related materials.
  18. Understand and follow detailed instructions.
  19. Code and sort items into categories.
  20. Review work for accuracy and procedural conformance.
  21. Work neatly, accurately and systematically.
  22. Prepare financial and statistical reports, charts and graphs.


5. Employee must have and maintain the following certifications / licenses:

  1. A California driver’s license

This  requirement will be reviewed on a position basis in accordance with ADA regulations.


6. Employee must not contribute to or create a hostile work environment:

  1. Employee shall not engage in any activity that unreasonably interferes with the performance of any other employee, such as sexual harassment, unlawful discrimination or any other behavior that unduly demeans or intimidates another employee.
  2. As an essential function of this position, the employee must be able to handle high levels of stress satisfactorily and be congenial with other employees, judicial officers, supervisors, subordinates, outside contractors, and other agency personnel.


7. Employee must have the following minimum experience or training:


Fiscal Services Technician I


Associate Degree in Accounting or a closely related field or one year of bookkeeping or general accounting experience, or equivalent combination of training, education and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities.


Fiscal Services Technician II


Three years performing bookkeeping or general accounting or two years as a Fiscal Services Technician I or similar classification from another court or any combination of training and experience that would provide the desired knowledge and abilities.


8. Employee must fulfill the following special requirements:

  1. None




Depending on assignment, duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Maintain financial and statistical records by posting transactions to journals and ledgers (manual and computer), adjusts accounts according to established procedures; reviews and reconciles accounting data.
  • Compiles and prepares established periodic and ad hoc accounting and statistical reports.
  • Prepare accounting system documents (e.g. vouchers, encumbrances, warrants, transfers, and checks) for approval and distribution (manual and computer).
  • Process purchase orders, invoices, vendor records, and expense forms as directed and in accordance with trial court financial policies and procedures and utilizing manual and automated accounting systems.
  • Conduct regularly scheduled and year-end closing of account ledgers and books as directed.
  • Prepares ledger entries, original entries, reconciliations, and trial balances.
  • Computes obligations, and collects and verifies supporting documentation and approvals for payables.
  • Computes accounts receivables, calculates assessments, prepares collection letters, tracks status and transfers receivables to collection services in accordance with local policies and procedures.
  • Receive revenue payments and maintains accurate records of monies received.
  • Answer financial inquiries from the public or court staff.
  • Perform clerical functions.
  • Maintains a set of complex financial and statistical records by posting transactions to journals and ledgers; adjusts accounts according to established procedures; prepares worksheets, trial balances and financial statements.
  • Maintains cost accounting records by supervising and participating in the computing, allocating, and posting of costs to various accounts; computes and allocates charges and depreciation costs; prepares summaries and cost statements.
  • Supervises and participates in the gatherings, compiling and evaluation of financial, statistical, and operational data for reports to county, state and federal agencies.
  • Projects financial needs based on past or projected expenditures, salaries, wages, and operating costs.
  • Examines documents, records, forms, and computer print-outs for accuracy, completeness and conformance to applicable rules and regulations; reconciles departmental accounting records.
  • Assists administrative personnel in analyzing statistical and financial data and in preparing special reports; furnishes information by searching for and abstracting specialized or technical data.
  • May prepare and maintain personnel and payroll records.
  • May type financial or statistical worksheets, requisitions, forms, form letters and miscellaneous reports; operates adding machines, calculators, and computer terminals.
  • Serves as a resource person to supervised employees; answers questions regarding procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Perform duties as assigned.
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