Superior Court of California

Counties of Calaveras and Amador





Under general direction, this classification administers the Family & Children Services programs for both Courts; supervises subordinate professional, supervisory and other support personnel and contractors; serves as liaison with other county departments, service providers, the local Bar Associations and state and local agencies regarding family and children issues; coordinates the provision of mediation and probate investigation services; and performs related duties as assigned.




This is a management level classification that serves at the will of the Court Executive Officers of both courts.




This classification receives general direction from the Supervising Family Division Judges and the Court Executive Officers of the both Courts. This classification may supervise subordinate professional, supervisory and other support personnel and contractors.




  1. Employee must have proficient knowledge of:
  1. Principles of management, supervision, training and employee evaluation.
  2. Principals of budget development, expenditure control and financial record keeping
  3. Principals of program development, implementation, management and evaluation.
  4. Principals and methods associated with mediating family disputes, children’s issues and conducting child custody mediations and evaluations.
  5. Laws, regulations and court procedures governing the operation of the programs.


  1. Employee must have the ability to:
  1. Analyze and evaluate complex interpersonal and family relationships, which require the application of specialized counseling skills and knowledge of domestic violence, substance abuse, child abuse4, behavioral disorders and mental illness.
  2. Relate to and gain the confidence of adults and children under stressful conditions and effectively utilize crisis intervention techniques.
  3. Work effectively and cooperatively with those contacted in eh course of work.
  4. Make sound decisions, work within specific time frames and budget constraints.
  5. Maintain the trust and confidence of the bench, court administration and members of the professional and lay community.
  6. Plan, organize supervise and review and evaluate the work of pro0fessional, technical and office support staff and contractors.
  7. Deal tactfully and effectively with individuals of all ages, genders and ethic and social-economic backgrounds, who may have emotional or physical problems in potentially stressful situations.
  8. Identify normal and dysfunctional interaction between family members and assess the needs of family members for appropriate outside agency assistance or further investigation.
  9. Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others, including judicial officers, attorneys, supervisors, co-workers, other agencies and the public.
  10. Use a personal computer and software, including the court’s automated case management system, word processing, spreadsheet, database, and other job-related applications and systems.
  11. Maintain confidential information according to legal standards and/or court regulations.
  12. Communicate effectively using the English language, both orally and in writing.
  13. Effectively represent the court in responding to inquiries; providing assistance and addressing concerns from the public, community organizations and other agencies.


  1. Employee must have and maintain the following certifications / licenses:
  1. Current license as Clinical Social Worker, or Marriage, Family and Child Counseling License or licensed psychologist.


  1. Employee must not contribute to or create a hostile work environment:
  1. Employee shall not engage in any activity that unreasonably interferes with the performance of any other employee, such as sexual harassment, unlawful discrimination or any other behavior that unduly demeans or intimidates another employee.
  2. As an essential function of this position, the employee must be able to handle high levels of stress satisfactorily and be congenial with other employees, and the public.



  1. Employee must have the following minimum experience or training:
  1. Any combination of experience and education that would provide the required level of knowledge, abilities and certification is qualifying.


A typical way to obtain the required knowledge and abilities would be:


Three (3) years responsible experience in a management position connected with the delivery of services to children or families in a court setting, a social service agency, legal services or related field,




Possession of a Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university in a related field such as psychology, social work, marriage, family and child counseling or other behavioral science degree substantially related to marriage and interpersonal relationships.




Depending on assignment, duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Plan, organize, direct and manage the functions, operations and services of the Family & Children Services Program encompassing child custody evaluation, mediation and investigation, guardianship investigations and family law facilitator services.
  • Supervise, direct, motivate, train and evaluate the work of employees and contractors.
  • Develop and implement goals, objectives, policies, procedures and work standards in accordance with statutory mandates, state and local rules of court, the Courts’ strategic plan and as directed by the Judges or Court Executive Officers.
  • Coordinate budgets and other program resources.
  • Prepare and administer grant applications and awards.
  • Identify, gather and analyze data relative to local trends, needs of the community, division workload and program performance outcomes.
  • Initiate studies, prepare and present clear, concise and accurate written and verbal reports to the bench and court administration.
  • Conduct mediation and evaluation sessions on child custody and visitation disputes.
  • Interview parents, children, extended families, collateral sources and various agencies to develop information regarding domestic, marital, employment, financial, environmental and other aspects of parental responsibilities, which directly relate to appropriate child custody and guardianship recommendations.
  • Recruit and interview independent contractors to provided services to Family Court Programs and make recommendations to Court Administration.
  • Interpret, explain and apply a variety of codes, statutes, policies, rules, procedures, instructions and regulations related to Court functions and courtroom proceedings.
  • Other duties as assigned.